August 6th 2014

Even more updates to the case file section of the website so be sure to check that out.  We have ALOT of leads at the moment for future cases, roughly 5 or so.  Hope we can turn them all into investigations for the near future!

July 28th 2014

Is everyone enjoying the summer so far?  We recently concluded our Loup City investigation and have some interesting things to post.  We met several unexpected challenges along the way but we persevered.  We are definitely planning a return trip to finish what we started though.

We are moving forward with our Waverly Hills trip plans, hopefully we can book it soon.

A couple new leads may have come our way, hope they develop into future cases soon.

Updated the cases section from our recent trips.  Also updated the about section.  As always, replace your fear with curiosity GRIP fans.

July 9th 2014

Welcome all to GRIP's official website!  Finally we are back up and running.  Now we have several ways of contacting us about a huanting available in the CONTACT page.  Want to know more about GRIP?  Check out the ABOUT page.  Curious what we've done so far on our investigations?  Check out our CASES section.  If you're looking to sport something with the GRIP logo on it, pick out your style of apparrel in the GRIP GEAR page.  And of course you can find links and upcoming cases in the MORE section.  Also be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and youtube.

Our next case is coming up quickly, in 9 short days.  We will be returing to Loup City NE.  Our first time around we visited the Frederick Hotel.  This trip will feature at least 4 locations!  Something a little different than we've done in the past but we're certainly up for the challenge!